Church Lawn Mowing Schedule for April & May, 2018

Thank you to everyone who volunteered to help mow the Church and manse lawns.  You do not need to edge the sidewalks or do any trimming as we have an individual who will do that.  We would like to have the mowing done on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday of your week.  Following is the schedule.  If you are unable to mow on your week, please see if someone can switch weeks with you, or call the Church Office for help in getting your week covered.


5, 6 or 7                Paul Fairbank

12, 13, or 14        Don Potter

19, 20 or 21         Davis Merrick

26, 27 or 28         Lyle Springer



3, 4 or 5                Don Potter

10, 11 or 12         Davis Merrick

17, 18 or 19         Matt Spencer

24, 25 or 26         Paul Fairbank