Delivery date to FPC is Sunday, November 18, 2018

Bring your box on that date to be sure it is included in this year’s distribution. Susie Kleinbeck will make sure it is taken to the local Distribution Center the following day.

For the past 25 years, Samaritan's Purse has been collecting shoeboxes filled with gifts and delivering them to children in need around the world.  Each box is an opportunity for a boy or girl to experience the love of God in a tangible way and hear the Gospel.

The Office has received the information so you can begin packing your box before the rush of Christmas season.  All you need to do is:  1) pick up the information  2) find a standard-size shoebox (or contact a member of Mission Committee for one)  3) fill the box with a "Wow" toy and other gifts (suggestions are on the handouts)  4) Pray for the child who will receive your shoebox.  Include a note and a photo.  5) Include a $9.00 donation or give online through Follow Your Box  6) Bring to FPC on the date to be announced later this year.

It's never too early to get started!

 How do I pack a box, you might ask? 

1)   Use a plastic shoebox (average size). You can wrap the box and lid separately, but wrapping is not required.  You can also go on the website and order a Operation Christmas Shoebox container, or check with members of the Mission Committee at FPC to see if they might have a box you can use.

2)   Pick up brochure at the Church with all the information, as well as mailing labels.

3)   Decide whether your gift will be for a boy or a girl, and the age category: 2-4, 5-9, or 10-14.

4)   Fill the box with a variety of quality gifts that will bring delight to a child (see Gift Suggestions on back of this handout).

5)   The amount of the  donation to transport your gift and deliver it into the hands of a child in need may change, so please don't write a check yet!   Mark your box with girl or boy, age category, and place label (labels are available from the Church office or can be downloaded on the Operation Christmas Shoebox website).  Wrap the box with label and check with a rubber band and your box is ready. 

6)   Pray that God will use your gifts to show His love to the child who will receive your shoebox.

7)   Keep the box until November 2018 when there will be instructions on where to take the box for distribution.   If you have no place to put the box, you can bring it to the Church and the office will keep your box until collection time.

That’s all you do.   What a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving by helping to give a child at Christmas a reason to smile, so pick up your brochure and start shopping for those items to fill up a box.