Elementary & Junior High Sunday School

Sunday school for Elementary & Junior High Students meet during Worship Services.  Children are dismissed after Gospel for God’s Children time.  Children do return for Communion the first Sunday of the month.

Schedule for October & November 2017

October 15 - Moses - 10 Commandments, Beatitudes, Singing - Christmas & ThanksgivingOrff instruments

October 22 - Moses - start learning Serenity Prayer.  Leaves craft - Singing - Christmas & Thanksgiving.  Orff instruments.  Start filling Operation Christmas boxes.

October 29 - Games day - Review Bible stories.  Practice singing for November 12th.  Fill Operation Christmas boxes.

November 3 - (tentative date) Lock in 6-11.  Neighborhood clean up, spaghetti dinner, talent show, games and a movie.

November 5th - Communion Sunday - Review Bible stories; practice singing "Come Ye Thankful People, Come"  Finish Operation Christmas boxes.

November 12th - Present Operation Christmas boxes and sing for Congregation.

November 19th - Holiday Parade - sing all of our Christmas and Thanksgiving songs (in choir robes???)